Torrance Lawyers Helping Injury Victims Get Medical Care

Workers' compensation laws provide for specific benefits for people who have experienced workplace injuries. Social Security Disability programs (SSDI and SSI) also provide financial and medical benefits for those who are unable to work because of a disability.

The Law Provides Medical Care for the Disabled and Injured

Whether your injury or illness occurred at work or in another way, we can help you get the maximum medical benefits for which you qualify. Call us at 310-803-9205 for a free consultation with a workers' compensation or disability attorney.

Our lawyers are specialists in the workers' compensation field and are highly experienced in Social Security Disability law. We have successfully handled hundreds of injury and illness cases for our clients.

Injured or Ill From Work

If you are suffering from a back or neck injury, a knee or shoulder problem, a repetitive stress injury, a cardiovascular or psychiatric disorder or another ailment that is related to your job, talk to us. We can explain your rights under workers' compensation law which may allow you to obtain medical benefits.

If you are awarded workers' comp benefits, your medical expenses related to the work injury will be covered for life. It is important to note that this is not the same as general health insurance, though it is extremely helpful for many workers to have their special needs cared for.

Medical Benefits With Social Security Disability

If you are awarded Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI or SSI), you may be able to receive long-term health benefits — medical care for life — from the federal government through Medicare, though in many cases there is a two-year waiting period before coverage starts.

Medicare is a large, comprehensive system of health care plans that include hospitalization, outpatient care, prescription drugs, laboratory and home health care services, among many others, that vary from person to person. Generally speaking, Medicare coverage is different from workers' comp coverage in that Medicare provides general coverage rather than being restricted to work-related injuries or illnesses.

Medical Care and Medicare for Your Long-Term Recovery

Contact us to talk to a lawyer about whether you may qualify for medical benefits as part of a workers' compensation or Social Security Disability claim. The consultation is free and confidential.

If we represent you, one of our California attorneys will work to get you the benefits to which you are entitled.